Thursday, 7 June 2012

Alien's are already on the earth

Though the enviornment and climate is favourable on the earth for humans to survive and thrive but its no longer conducive for GOOD PEOPLE.

They feel suffocated and stressfull to survive , and they have shrinked in population and nearing extinct.

They have become ALIEN's in their own home.

Rest of the human population has already moved ahead in a unknown race in serach of unknown destination with a unknown purpose.

Rest of population have developed immunity to sensitivity, compassion and goodness

These things not affect them any more

Those who ae victims of these viruses (compassion , sensitivity and goodness)  are GOOD PEOPLE

These good people are fighting hard for their survival but rest of the lot is becomming stronger day by day

We dont need ALIEN's to come and take control of earth

The demons of fear, greed and jealousy have already possessed us and is more than enough for our destruction.

A revolution of GOOD VS EVIL is centuries old phenomenon and cannot be given up or surrendered

However weak may GOODNESS appear at some point but if it revolts with full force then EVIL scatters like ashes.

Even in 21st century GOOD can win over EVIL.

We just need to take individual responsibility of killing the demons of GREED, FEAR and JEALOUSY residing within each one of us.

or else

The earth will become so dangerous that even  real ALIEN's  from other planet will think twice before planning a trip to earth

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