Monday, 4 June 2012

Life was, is and will always be uncertain

Uncertainity is the fundamental on which life exists

However hard we try to predict ,but the fact remains unchallenged that future is uncertain

Though for some of us it may appear as bright  and secure, for some it may be dark and insecure

The reality is that its just projection of our mind based on present situation.

Its like a journey in a pitch dark endless path and on the way feeling afraid, anxious and shaky with no information on path ahead and no light and no sight,

 You need a TORCH ( of imagination for support)  to see atleast some distance so that your fears, insecurities and anxities can rest in peace.

Life is a journey into UNKOWN and during this journey inroder to fight the self created demons of fears,anxieties and insecurities we project a secure, positive and desirable future in our mind and be happy in weaving a web of certainity .

Present is the reality and spontaniety is the way of life

Uncertainity is  fun , adventerous , exciting and a REALITY.

Look at the so called economic uncertainity prevelant now all over the world

Admist the present situation, its very challenging for human mind to IMAGINE a so called bright future

Its our inability to project positive future on basis of present situation which pushes us in to the real world of uncertainities.

Uncertainity is BEAUTIFUL

Imagine if you had known in advance all the miles stone you would achieve in life, would you be happy ?

Imagine if you had known the date of your death , would you be happy ?

Imagine if you would have known every moment what the next moment would bring to you, would you be excited to enter the new moment ?

Answer atleast for me is a emphatic big NO and i am sure its same for you as well.

Hence learn to accept and embrace uncertainity  because it was the PAST, it is the PRESENT and it certainanly will prevail in FUTURE  as well.

If you want to still project the future ,

Then better project it as BRIGHT & SHINING irrespective of your PRESENT.

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