Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Most Challenging Business in the history of mankind

21st century has seen most numbers of new innovative business launched .

21st century saw most challenges to sustain and grow the old businesses.

21st century also saw most challenging and threatening competition that ever existed in mankind history

But there is only one biggest challenging business in the history of mankind


We never have enough curiosity in finding solutions to own challenges and problems .

But our curiosity and interest rises to the height of Mt Everest when it comes to others lives.

What is my neighbour doing ?

How did he manage to purchase a new Mercedes or BMW  car ?

What happened to his daughter ? did she ran away away with somebody ?

How can he afford ARMANI ?

What a fantastic garden my neighbour has ?

My office colleague got promoted , how did he managed ? he is very lucky ?

My boss is very irritating , he has all the bad habbits drinking, smoking , betting .......

Oh gosh if I was half lucky as my colleague or my neighbour or my friend .......

Its a never ending saga aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa........

A apple is compared with orange & poor apple is cursed for not being orange in colour, not being  as juicy as orange, not being soft and what not.

Apple gets completly ignored and cursed for no reason without even evaluating it.

Few recognize and appeceate apple, but rest don't bother to even acknowledge the presence  of apple .

And sooner or later with no attention the apple starts rotting .

If you are confused whom I am reffering to as apple and orange, then let me put rest to your anxities.

Apple is reffered to as every individual himself , and orange is every individual other that him
e.g neighbour, colleague, boss, owner of mercedes and BMWs and etc etc

We spend most of our energy on minding others business , while our own get to the verge of extinct

The worst and funniest part is we don't even know that we have a business to be managed

See what I am doing now by writing this blog

Trying to mind others business na ?

I am stopping and  going to mind my own business and you stop reading and go and mind your own  :-))))))

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