Thursday, 14 June 2012

Permutations and Combinations

 Success - A mystery  hidden within the permutations and combinations of actions.

No one knows what works.

No one knows what will work.

We can only find pattern from the past & create a model which takes us to the destination - Success

Models work at times and at times they dont work

But in reality the most successfull models and people have  failed many times in past and will continue to fail in future as well

Hence finally people have started calling failure as a stepping stone to success and rightly so......

What we certainly know is that on the way to success we might meet failure 

What we are certain that we cannot take success granted with even the most tested models in the past

What we are absolutely certain that the it cannot be attained by inaction

What we don't know is -  when we will get it ?

What we don't know is  - Exactly how we will get it ?

The keys  to success as been pointed out by  many  researchers  in past are

1) Will to succeed
2) Passion
3) Determinition
4) Discipline
5) Adaptibility
6) Foresight
7) Planning  etc etc , the keys are endless and we keep on identifying new ones. 

Only one Lock and so many keys :-((

As per research every key alone or in combination of other keys can open the lock

But even with so many years research we don't know when and which key will work, which combination of keys will work.

Success is as uncertain as Life

But chasing success is as exhilarating as living a uncertain life. 

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