Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Power of a single moment

All good things are always around us, we got to just identify them.

We in our ignorance miss good things  and crave for them later.

Alertness is the Key

Every moment in the universe is precious

Every moment some divine events keep on happening

Every moment miracles keep happening in the universe

A single moment is more than enough to change our life.

Good news is that there are so many moments and we require only a single life changing moment

We need to only put sincere, untiring effort every moment and wait for that life changing moment which

universe will choose for us.

No one knows which moment will change our life , if you are not alert then that life changing moment will come and go without you noticing it .

Its a Jigsaw puzzle of events and efforts , which efforts will give results at which time of your life is a mystery.

We can only try to guess or predict it

There is no set pattern for any events , In the quest to predict and find a pattern we only go against

the law of nature.

Value each moment, be alert each moment because so much happening all around us in this universe

Don't under estimate power of universe and the power of one single moment, its beyond our imagination.

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