Wednesday, 6 June 2012

To exist beyond 21st century sensitivity is key

Sensitivity is simply respect for other being be it nature, animal or human.

Sensitivity gives birth to compassion,

Compassion is reciprocated with compassion

After exchange of compassion a BOND is created and it blossoms into a beautiful REALTIONSHIP.

Relationship brings interdependence , and interdependence  is necessary we cannot exist alone.

So in order to exist we need to be sensitive first then rest follows

But other emotions overshadow sensitivity and threaten our existence.

Greed, Fear, jealousy, selfishness, insecurity, anxiety take control of us and not only overshadow our sensitivity but also delude us with it.

Our insensitivies are returned to us with double interest

Nature gives back our insensitivities in the form of earthquake, Tsunamis ,Floods and Global warming.

Due to our insensitivity to habitat and animals  they become extinct and create a ecological imbalance

And I dont have to elaborate on our  insensitivity to each other , please refer history and daily news channels , news papers , loads of attacks and counter attacks on each other in every corner of world.

Polished and stylish insensitivity in corporate world.

Open and brutal in political and civil world.

Tolerance for each other is vanishing , everybody has a right to exist and there is no need to exist on cost of somebody being extinct

There is abundance of everything on universe for all of us including animals .

According to me ,

Our existence beyond 21st Century will solely depend upon SENSITIVITY

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