Monday, 18 June 2012

We are all Bajrangbali's of 21st century but without Jambavant

Everybody knows and have heard that we all have immense talent ,and all humans are equal in all respect .

Still deep down somewhere in our own hearts we dont accept it for some reason best known to us

Infact we have forgotten  about our powers like in mythology Shree Bajrangbali forgot his powers and was reminded by the King of the bears Mr Jambavant .

We require a Jambavant in our life from time to time to remind us about our powers and motivate us to move ahead and overcome challenges.

Everywhere we wait for Mr Jambavant be it at work place or in our personal lives.

We got to be our own Jambavant everywhere because we have all the powers only realisation and belief is missing.

Yesterday , I was just observing the rickshaw walas and bikers on the road

Tremendous passion shown by them to move ahead from smallest possible places on road, they are relentless and untiring , never give up , courageous enough to take risks in front of trucks and big buses

The result is fantastic , no one can beat the bikers and the rickshaw walas they get what they want and always move ahead of other vehicles and reach their destinations.

But same individuals when face traffic like situation in their life,most of the time and most of them  surrender and fail aound crib and wait for Mr Jambavant who has long gone since Ramayana.

This is kalyuga and we dont have privileged services of Mr Jambvant  that Mr Bajrangbaliji enjoyed in Rama yuga  :-))

Here in 21st Century don't wait for anybody else to motivate or inspire you , or else

 you will keep on waiting and losing all the opportunities to grow and be happy

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