Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Who are you ?

is a simple question but finding the answer to this question may sometimes take the whole life.

You may immediately get answers of PSEUDO SELF from within which is created by society

But real innerself is pushed deep inside by the society and our need to be in the society , to be recognised by society and to be accepted by society.

From the birth we are repressed ,

Do you remember constant nagging

don't go here ,
don't go there,
don,t do this ,
don't do that,
this is bad and that is good

Our ability to understand & explore the world around us is cornered & boxed as per need of society.

We are never thought capable enough to think and choose for ourselves , neither in childhood, nor when we are grown up.

Interference or repression continues after attaining adulthood also

when we select a subject for college, while selecting a job and even in some cases  interference in  choosing our life partner, particularly incase of females.

No one asks us -   what you like or like to do

Even if somebody (parents, teachers, gurardian)  asks its just for formality or to check whether it matches with their choice made for us.

Science says that our brain is capable of exploring , understanding, intepreting and making choices from very young age.

Talent has no age e.g just see the wonders that children create in reality shows on televisions in dancing or singing or whatever we allow them to explore.

Amazing to see that even the adult famous singers and dancers are awestruck and admit that they in their own childhood had never accomplished what these new generation has done.

it only confirms the fact that  if we dont't repress , and allow the free exploration of innerself then amazing things happen , but how long we allow the freedom  is also a big question .

The society has corrupted our personality to such a extent that many of us find it difficult to answer the question WHO ARE YOU .

We live for parents, for friends, life partner, bosses, subordinates , the list is very big for some of us

What about us , when we will live for us ?

There is no selfishness in living for yourself , searching your innerself and doing what you like

When you will care for yourself then automatically you will care for the world around you also.

I don't know how many lives we get to live, but certainly this one which we are living is precious one.

Hence find out for yourself  who the real you are ?


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Good one but the question is still unanswered