Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Greener pastures are not ready made....

Our survival is doomed without greener pastures

We always want to be in asscociation of greener pastures,while we enjoy the greener pastures we also need to ensure that they are watered regularly or else the greenery vanishes and with it our chances of survival and growth as well.

We have 2 choices

 Either continously ensure that we water our pastures


Look for newer greener pastures else where and migrate

we have to select either of them

Both have their advantages and disadvantages

While watering the pastures countinlously takes great effort , finding new pastures is also equally challenging

" The grass is always green on the other side "

If one waters grass it has no choice then to be green and healthy, your side or other side does not matter.

Make your choice, survival requires efforts

No one can automatically survive

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