Sunday, 29 July 2012

Life is a trial ........

Whatever you write in above space is your life
Many decades and centuries past but a universally accpeted and final definition is yet to arrive
Many spent their lives understanding , interpreting and sharing yet all incomplete and yet not near...
99% of us spend our  lives even unaware and intoxicated by pseudo purposes and pseodo meanings of life
Remaining 1% life's are lost in trying to find the end of infinity.
We are living it as a trail hoping that in one of our reincarnation will understand the meaning of life
This blog is also an attempt to draw attention to the fact that we are trying out to live this beautiful gift called life given by almighty to us.
The vastness and infiniteness is such that we will keep on trying to live it for many more decades unless we become aware of it
In quest of understanding the purpose of meaning of life we create a pseodo purpose & materialisistic goals
We get lost in that vicious circle so much that sometimes at the fag end of the life some of us repent spending life in misery and pain , without any peace,happiness and love ,but with all the materialistic luxuries
Its similar to squandering a treasure without valuing it .
We have covered thousands of kilometers distance and reached the outer space.
But covering few centimeters within our innerself which can take us near life has been a challenge for us
But repeated trials, life after life may some day may lead us  atleast somewhere close to living it .

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