Saturday, 21 July 2012

Nothing is Useless

Everything has a purpose

Without purpose nothing exists

Due to our ignorance and lack of awareness , we term some things and some people as useless

How can we ever even imagine that god will and would have created something worthless ?

By even imagining we are insulting the almighty

God never created anything useless,

It is just that we are yet to discover and understand somethings and their purpose of existence

It is our inability or rather lack of will to understand the potential and benifit of somethings
 or some people and we cover it by terming them as useless

If we USE our brain LESS then we always feel that we are  associated with USELESS things and people

if we improve our understanding by involvement ,reseraching and applying the research then everything and everyone around us will be usefull.

In short if we make FULL USE of our brain then we will feel that  everything and everyone around us is USEFULL.

Nothing and no one is useless ,

Our inability to use our brain to its fullest capacity  makes us USELESS and not the things and people around us.

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