Sunday, 8 July 2012

What to ask when you pray to god ??

Can you imagine Mr Bill gates begging ?

Can you imagine Mr Warren buffet roaming around from pillar to post for a loan of  $100 ?

Can you imagine Mr Mukesh Ambani dreaming desperately to earn a job for Rs 10000 per month ?

Sounds funny and crazy ????

Yes it is .... but not crazy enough than what we do daily when we  pray to god

Every one of us ,whom god has given infinte power to think the unimaginable, create wonders with our actions and yet we all go to holy places and ask god for wealth, power, peace,strength etc etc.

God must be laughing at us

He has given us everything ,but we in our ignorance and lack of realisation ask small things from the Almighty

When we go to temples or holy shrines what do we ask for ?

Anything you ask to God , it will be his insult

if you ask him x amount of wealth ?

if you ask him x amount of strength?

if you ask him peace throughout your life say just for 70 to may be 100 years of your life ?

He has power to give you anything in infinite amount

Personally I always get confused when I go to temple or any holy place, one question comes to my mind

What do I do there ????

Neither I can  offer him enough of anything to suit his infinite stature

Nor I can ask him anything , because anything I ask will be too small and a insult to his infinite powers

Then what do I do ???

I spend some moments in confusion and find myself stupid and leave the holy place.....

Honestly speaking we are unable to indentfy and connect with the God within us,

Hence we need a external force or power to feed our wishes and anxities

And for the same reason we created so many holy places for us to go and feed our wishes and anxities

Our search for God, Truth, Happiness and purpose of life continues for centuries  because these things
are deep within us and we are searching them outside.

No one has gone deep enough within ourselves to find them

And if we imagine that if you do go deep within and find it , you can't explain it to others, because they have to dive deep within themselves to understand it.

Hence when Shri Buddha found it , he just became silent and quiet instead of trying to explain it to others

Your God, your truth, your happiness,your purpose of life is different from others and lies deep within you

No one can find it for you

No one can take it from you either

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Vijesh Viswanath said...

Great article . one should always ponder within oneself for every answer . Great reading