Friday, 13 July 2012

Why you cry and world rejoices when you are born

You cry because you left the comfort of Womb and will be on your own from now on....

And for everthing effort is needed, be it for food in your infancy, or for cleaning the shit you created in your bed, be it for creating your own identity when you grew up, be it building your family and their future,
 it continues till you enter your next comfort zone i.e TOMB

You also cry because you know that you have divine powers but the crazy society will create all the possible nuisance and you will immerse in the stupidity of society knowingly or unknowingly , willingly or unwillingly and make a ASS of your life .

You also cry because the count down of your life has began the moment you enter into this world.

You cry because so many people are waiting eagerly for your arrival so that they can toss you, turn you and juggle you as per their whims and fancies .

Finally you cry because you are born as a human being but will live your life like a RAT running all the while in race.

The world on the other hand is excited at the prospect of a new member to the society who they can toss and turn, one more BAKRA (scape goat) for the society to be manipulated, type cast, judged ,nudged , forced to live somebody else's life, for that matter if it would have been a another human's life it wold have been better but a RAT,s life ??  ridiculously insane...

Nobody has escaped through the web of society which is thicker and powerfull than spider-man's web.

Only few successfully resist to be part of this circus

Its a very strong network of societies of cultures, religious, political , professional, business socities, and many more created out of own inner insecurities and fear for survival and growth.

The society teaches you from chiildhood to be a ASS , to follow the set rules laid down since centuries and thought to be evolving but only virtually

If you resist to follow the society it will force you , if needed punish you ,

If you are very stubborn and determined then the society will disown you and even abandon you terming you as a physco or a mad individual.

Then when you achieve or discover something unique which they understand later and happen to benifit from it the same society will take you on their head, reward you and make you king.

Now you know why we cry when we are born and others rejoice

And what did you think was the reason ????  

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