Tuesday, 3 July 2012

You are the Hero and also the Villian of your film

if you can fight with your negative thoughts, then you can fight and win any battle

if you can gain control over your own self , then you can control everything around you

if you can inspire yourself daily in any situation then you can inspire anybody around you

if you can learn to love and respect yourself then the whole world will love and respect you

if you can push yourself beyond your limits then there will be no limits for your growth

if you can understand yourself then the whole world will understand you

if you can find your purpose of life then you will undestand everything around and its purpose

if you give your best at any  moment in everything you do ,then you will get only best every moment

Have you found most common thing in all above statements which cover most of our daily life issues and challenges ?

I am sure you must have found ....

You are the HERO and also the VILLIAN of your life's  story rest all are supporting actors and actressess and all events are plots of your life's film

Choice is yours

You want to be a HERO by taking control of your life .


You want to be VILLIAN by giving control of your life to others and situations .

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mrudula said...

very good thought,

and nice to see ur blog after a week