Sunday, 19 August 2012

Richest person in the world is ............

He who has freedom is the RICHEST person in the world

Wealth does not make you rich enough

All the luxuries do not make you rich enough

If you do not have freedom to do what you want to do , then you are not rich enough

To be FREE is the ultimate RICHNESS

Freedom cannot be eroded unlike wealth..

Freedom need not be chased like wealth

Freedom has to be chosen and the day you choose to be free ,you start getting it in abundance

Even for the imprisoned or captured the freedom to revolt is available, the freedom to resist and rebel against the imprisonment is available

It is only matter of choice

Look at our country Britishers ruled us for more than 100 years but when we chose to be free and decided to be free then  within few years we were granted the freedom

World over whoever chose to be free has always got the freedom.

Wealth and power are small compared to freedom ....

Even love looses its essence when freedom is not there

Once we are granted the physical freedom we still have the challenge to attain mental freedom

Freedom from society,
Freedom from greed,
Freedom from hatred,
Freedom from jealousy,
Freedom from fear of uncertainity

The day you free yourself from your own mental imprisonment , you have attain FREEDOM

You are Richest when you are living a life of your choice and liking ,then wealth does not matter because wealth has to follow where there is freeom and happiness.

FREEDOM is life and without FREEDOM there is no life .

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