Sunday, 19 August 2012

We all are moving to only one Destination.......

Only one destination to reach
Does not make a difference which path you take
Does not make a difference what pace you choose
Does not matter who you are  
Does not matter who you become
Does not matter what you have or you dont have

The Destination does not change
Whatever you do, you have to end up at the same destination ,its inevitable

The Destination in discussion  is "DEATH"

Then why discriminate ????????

Whatever we are, or we think we are .....We are all travelling towards single destination

The length of the journey is uncertain and unique to an individual but the end is common

Only thing that matters is the quality of journey..

 Did you have fun during the journey ?
 Are you enjoying every moment of the journey ?

I am unable to understand what makes us think that some of us are superior than others and some are inferior than others.

I agree we are all unique and different

But superior or inferior is a bit difficult to digest

If some of us were superior then why with their so called superiority they dont reach some where else

why these superior individulas dont reach a destination SUPERIOR than DEATH

The fact remains that we all are unique but EQUALS

We feel the same hunger , we feel the same cold, we feel the same grief when we lose someone dear ..

Our status in the status  does not insulate us from hunger, ageing , fear, and grief.

Everyday we are witnessing people reaching their destination from all strata of the society

But still we live a life of denial .......

Accept the truth and enjoy the journey , dont compare your journey with others

Because you are unique and so is your journey but remember that does not change your destination....

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