Wednesday, 19 September 2012

When Pushed against wall in life .....................

We all have faced a situation when we are pushed against wall in life by people or circumstances

In such situations we often fell depressed, helpless, victimised , frustrated and why me ...... feeling

But instead of accepting the wall as it is,  why not just explore it ?????

Whenever pushed against wall in life check out the following things:-

The thickness of the wall
The width of the wall
The  height of the wall

If it is thin you can just break it
If it is not wide enough you can take few steps and go beyond it
If its short in height then just jump over it
But dont sit sulking near the wall , it will have no effect on it

If above all situations are not true ,
if the wall is thicker then develop strength to break it
if it is wide then explore sideways till you get the end
if it has a height then practice jumping and jump over it

In short , just don't accept the wall as THE END and sit there sulking

Actually in life there are no walls

All walls against whoch we are pushed are illusionary and self created , hence nobody can help us

A wall is a comfort build by an individual around him and going beyond it is sacrificing comfort and hence the resistance

Next time you feel pushed against the wall just remember that the wall is erected by you and the width, thickness and height is also your own creation
Hence break it, move sideways and go beyond it or simply jump over it

And if possible don't even invest in bulding a wall , it only  creates a barrier in living a beautiful and limitless life

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Go getter said...

Amazing journey from illusion to reality. Illusion of wall that one see towards a reality of there is no wall. And even if it is its very small and nothing in front of us.