Sunday, 9 December 2012

Dilemma's of Life

Dilemma of life ....

To define it or leave it undefined
To understand it or leave it myserious
To plan it or leave it as a adventure
To expect certainity or surrender to the infinite uncertainities
To expect it to be fair or live with a assumption that its always unfair
To be soft or to be hard
To be perfect like a machine or embrace your  inconsistencies as gifts
To be ready to overcome challenges or to don't go their ways
To fly or to walk
To love or to hate
To be yourself or be somebody's else's imagination
To be a part of problem or whole problem
To be solution or be a alternative
To be good or to be yourself
To be in past or in future
To be in present or search for your present in your future or past
To be honest or to be so called practical
To be street smart or be away from all streets
To be careless or to be fearless
To make a choice or be a choice
To be positive or to be what you feel at every moment
To be in control of your emotions or enjoy every emotion as rainbow in the sky
To be a leader or an individual
To be succesfull or happy
To sacrifce or to accept that there is nothing to sacrifice bcoz you own nothing
To be religious or to be political both are one and the same but still a choice and hence dilemma
To fear and believe in god and search him on every corner of earth or explore him within oneself and be one
To find your purpose of life or to be somebody else's purpose
To be contented for the moment or to be greedy for ever
To spend life comparing ,lookng at others life or to live yours as a unique one and there is no tommorrow
To be master of time or be the time by surrendering yourself to it
To live dying daily or die once in a life time
To live in your dreams or live your dreams
To be foccused or enjoy every distraction
To be at one place or to try to be everywhere and end up being no where
To enjoy life in packets or as a whole
To be true to yourself or to be true to others
To think and imagine or to be part of somebody else's thought and imagination
To be responsible or to be somebody's responsibility

These are few Dilemma's which at a spur of moment came to my mind
There are infinite in each individuals life time and imposible to even list them

We live with them till we die OR we die daily living with them

Whatever is the case we can't dodge all of them but have to take some of them as darts in various stages of our life

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Aditi Pandey said...

To be or not to be ?!