Sunday, 3 February 2013

World of Perspectives & struggle to convey and fight for their survival

World of perspectives exists and is a real one for every individual 
There are infinite belief systems in this universe and infinite perspectives taking birth from these belief systems
Every action comes from a belief system and becomes a perspective later on
Belief systems are developed under influence of environments, surroundings, circumstances and sometimes under influence of people
Individual perspective sometimes become very dear and forms a basis or purpose of living life
Having a perspective and conveying it to the world or people who matter is altogether a different thing
Sometimes having perspective becomes easier than conveying to others or making others align to yours
Understanding others perspective is never easy and it  needs surrendering yours first 
But everybody holds on to his/her perspective tightly as if its the last cylinder of oxygen left in this world
Very few surrender &try to understand others perspective & sometimes find a better perspective their own

Some of the  world's major  problems as mentioned below :

  • Population
  • Hunger and food,
  • All sorts of  inequality 
  • Global warming 
  • Wars and conflicts
All above problems are the orphans given birth by fight between different perspectives and not willing to surrender and understand others perspective.

These problems will exist as orphans till people loosen their grip over their own perspective , respect and try to understand others and if required surrender their own and adopt others.

Though through evolution mankind  have developed many technologies ,discoveries and inventions which have taken us to reach moon and other planets in the solar systems

But we are still struggling to understand our own race and still learning to cope up with basic skills to communicate to each other with our perspectives

The universe around us is synchronized with each element in nature and a perfect communication exists between them and hence the harmony

Different Perspectives are very important it gives opportunity to look at same thing and choose the best between so many options of perspectives

But selfish motives , greed , lack of compassion and sensitivity spoils the whole show

And as a result the human race looses the edge of the divine power of  thinking and availability of choice basis our thinking over all other living beings in the nature

We have evolved enough and beyond our imagination with our brains till now

The need of the hour is to start evolving using our HEARTS

Who knows one day will come when we will be  as synchronized as the other elements in nature with each other and universe.

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