Friday, 9 August 2013

De coding life

Life is a coded journey .

As you move ahead it keeps on getting de coded .

The mystery in decoding it is the true essence of life and makes it worth living .

The search of the code is never ending for some and for some of us de coding starts early in life .

The de coding secret lies within us and we most often search it outside and hence get frustrated many a times and consider life to be unfair and a struggle to reach no where.

The more you go away from yourself the more you go away from de coding your life

Life is such a journey that it cannot be decoded forever easily

The journey starts from within you and ends with you .

You got to be very alert and awake to keep it in de coded state because the moment you loose your alertness it again gets into coded state.

The fun of finding answers to questions is life.

Finding answers to all questions will not make life worth any fun

In the first place you will never find answers to all questions

In fact the  more answers you find the more questions will arise through those answers

Life is best coded and cannot be ever fully de coded

Life is just like a half naked women who is more beautiful, desirous and sensous than a full naked one.

If you know everything about life it will not be as exciting as it is in coded state

The desire to know, project and manipulate future is just the part of that ever existing mystery .

Everyone can de code his/her life

But we cannot de code others life , we can only be instrumental in the de coding journey of others.

Keep decoding your life and make it worth a experience for yourself and others around you .

And Remember .......

Life is beautiful and worth every moment only because its coded and we have the power to decode it



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Go getter said...

100% in agreement. Loved your analogy.