Monday, 9 September 2013

Guarantees and warrenties in life

Guarantees and warranties come with a simple condition of purchase.

If you don't purchase the product guarantees and warranties don't come into picture

In life there are no guarantees and warranties , only probability or possibility if you accept the condition to act to your best ability at any given point.

Post acting to your best ability at any given moment also there is no assurance that there is guarantee or warranty of the outcome , there is high possibility or probability of expected and desired outcome.

A farmer has do his bit of ploughing and sowing in the field and wait for the blessings of rains and conducive weather to take its course.

There is no guarantee and warranty that the rains and weather will favour his action all times.

But there is a 100% guarantee that if the farmer does not plough his field and sow seeds and prepare the field for weather and rains then he is not going to get the shower of crops from sky.

 Specific crops grow from earth under specific condition.  

It is nature's law we can't ignore it .

You can't expect condition of guarantee and warranty which does not align with the laws of universe.

The whole manifestation of  human pain and suffering is the result of this expectation of guarantees and warranties .

There is no harm in dreaming , expecting and hoping but don't attach the condition of guarantee and warranty to your expectation, hope and dream.

Let them be free for evaluation by nature and universe

Enjoy the feeling of dreaming , hoping and expecting the desired outcome of your action or inaction

Do your ploughing and sowing sincerely and if time is right the rains have no choice then to fall and make your expectations , dreams and hope come true.

But there is no guarantee or warranty of rains , if they don't come and sometimes they might not come then start over again with your ploughing and sowing again with new hope, new expectation and new dreams,

Because when the rains next decide to fall next time then your filed must be ready for them

Always keep your field ready with your ploughing and sowing so that when rains come you have bumper crops of happiness and peace

Remember .....

There is no guarantee and warranty when the rains will come  but....

The rains have to come because the clouds also have limits of holding them.... :-)



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Anonymous said...

Hello, Sunil here. Your article is highly influencing and deeply motivating. Glad to be associated with a noble thinker and esteemed philosopher like you.