Sunday, 15 September 2013

Human race or integrity who will survive longer ??

During primitive stage the human population was less and resources for survival were unlimited 

But there was struggle for survival amongst each other for food  and land  -  don't know why ?

Now after so many years of evolution and so called development the primitive mind set still prevails

The resources for survival are still unlimited and abundant for 7 billion plus population to survive

But still the struggle for survival continues  .................

The Dinosaurs were helpless and less intelligent who perished due to fall of celestial bodies on earth

But human race is certainly not helpless , on the contrary blessed with unlimited intelligence

But certainly INTEGRITY in human race is on the verge of extinction after dinosaur and many species from this earth

Extinction of integrity will be the only reason for extinction of human race

There is struggle going on between integrity and human survival

We are are sacrificing integrity for want of our survival

Though the resources required for our survival food , shelter and clothes are abundant but to acquire them there is a unwanted , unnecessary and self created struggle by some of us .

Money, society and powerful people are the huddles and mediums through which one has to pass successfully to get our quota of resources for survival

There is unimaginable and stupid  race for hoarding  resources more than one can consume in one life time and possibly for future generations who may not even arrive

Integrity is certainly  cheaply surrendered for acquiring these mediums through which one can reach to resources

No one is ready to hold their integrity long and those who are trying to hold  are presently a minority and hence struggling and ridiculed  in society

The word integrity and its meaning has become very hollow and also meaning less in the maddening race for  survival .

But look at the world and its challenges and problems ........

They are self created due to sacrifice of integrity

Some of us acquired unlimited resources beyond their capacity to consume

Some of us have used and abused natural resources beyond a limit

Some of us have not only used and abused resources on earth, below earth , below water but also left no stone unturned in penetrating the space with satellites and observatory systems

The universe is so vast that our our abuse has limited affect on it

But it will definitely affect our survival as a race

If integrity vanishes then the next thing to vanish is HUMAN RACE

Its a sign of a weakness to sacrifice integrity for short term survival

In reality its a slow start of your extinction and you have a notional happiness and sense of achievement that you have survived

Hold on to your integrity tightly even more than your life

Because if you sacrifice it then you are indirectly sacrificing your own survival

I can surely assure you that if you start holding tightly and start taking control of your own integrity then whatever is your age now while reading this blog your chances of survival will definitely improve significantly




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