Saturday, 18 January 2014

Orchestra of life



Every orbit of Life has a specific music rhythm

If you are not in rhythm the orchestra of your life becomes only a irritating noise

Your body is a perfect example of synchronicity and rhythm

Each and every cell and organ perform their role well to match with the rhythm of other and a healthy body resonates a healthy energy

The heart and brain play a major role in setting the rhythm in the body , both orchestrate the whole orchestra

Heart is a leader and guiding force in this orchestra and mind/brain is the executioner

Rest of the parts and cells only follow the orders of brain and perform their musical role to make the orchestra soothing and lively

Any miss-match in rhythm or roles will make the orchestra go berserk and out of rhythm

There will be on crowd to applaud and watch this orchestra , people will go away from this noise

while we are talking about orchestra let me sensitize you that there are different types of music and tastes and hence different grooves to fit in

If you have a taste and liking for Jazz or Rock then playing sitars and tabala will be difficult for you and your orchestra will again struggle to find rhythm

Its simple to understand that whichever music you like you must choose instruments accordingly

Heart is the master musician who understands every deviation from the rhythm and will always guide you to right instrument and rhythm

But if you depend on the brain for the guidance then you are asking a direction from a blind

Harmony between your heart and brain will make your orchestra musically soothing and hit

Any disharmony in life is a result of mismatch in the roles taken up by your heart and brain

Each disharmony sets a signal through your heart to your brain and these are very important signals

Ignoring them constantly will only disharmonize the orchestra of your life creating only deafening and irritating noise

All types of music is enjoyable and soothing if its orchestra is in sync

Choose your type of music and tune in your life to its rhythm and then enjoy the orchestra

While choosing your music constantly seek guidance from your heart it will always guide you to your music

The heart knows what type of orchestra you are made for ....

Just listen to it .....

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Aditi Pandey said...


I understand how life can be just an " irritating noise " than the beautiful soulful lyrics it should be made of. And I like the way you have given this interpretation of all of it.