Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Side effects of Diplomacy

World's more than 50% problems are unresolved due to diplomacy

Vested interest of some insensitive and sick souls invites diplomatic intervention between 2 disputed parties and their problem becomes eternal with the entry of diplomacy.

Diplomacy is a sugar coated lie

Diplomacy is medicine which never cures the disease, its a flavoured pill covering the bitter truth

Its a compromise 

Its no way a solution

Its moving away from solution and moving towards third thing   

Diplomacy leaves problem alive in dormant stage to inadvertently erupt later like volcanic lava

Suppose a child requires something it cries and if diplomatically it is distracted to third thing it forgets what it wants for sometime

But when it remembers it again it starts crying

Again its distracted and deprived of what it wants then it is surely going to have some effect on the child

Repression is making a mountain out of a mole

Countries like India and Pakistan , Israel and Palestinian , Iraq and Iran , South and North Korea never can have cordial relations with help of diplomacy

The hatred in the hearts cannot be killed with diplomacy , it can only worsen by keeping it dormant

Sensitivity and respect for others view and existence without any purpose or vested interest for personal benefit can make things move in direction of solution

Diplomacy is so rampant that its taken as the way of life in society

Diplomats are respected and considered matured and preferred for solving any problem

The society has become so fake that if we call a spade as a spade than we are ridiculed and termed as reactive

Honest , unbiased and selfless intervention is not appreciated

Postponing the inevitable through diplomacy will not resolve the problem

Generations after generations face its repercussion

We are all unique and different in our own way

There is enough space for each one's existence

The need is to accept this uniqueness and respect each others existence without any bitterness

Each individual is only a TIP OF ICEBERG with majority of personality hidden from himself and the rest of world .

Explore individual personalities and nurture them and respect other personalities.

Don't sacrifice your personalities for society or some vested interest ( Diplomatic interventions)

World is beautiful because there is so much of variety and diversity .

We shouldn't spoil its beauty with fake and hollow diplomacy .

Side effects of diplomacy are that the problems remain as problems and they grow over the period and are passed from one generation to another.


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