Sunday, 13 July 2014

True self

There is no specific true unique self hidden inside us
Everybody is build with same unlimited capabilities
Everybody is equipped with same talent
Its the nurturing , encouraging of a specific talent makes it appear that you are made for it or its your purpose of life or destiny or its your TRUE SELF

But if your true self is deep inside then when you dive deep you must find it
It is difficult for most of us to find your true self
The reason is deep down there isn't anybody hidden with some specific qualities , talent and liking

If you try to find your true self in true sense then many lives will not be enough , simple because there is nobody specific inside
You got to settle with something which suits well at that point in time
We are infinite source of energy capable of transforming ourselves at will to become anybody at any point in time like a TRANSFORMER

Just decide and settle for any purpose in life with your body and soul integrated behind it
Then see rest of the world will say ...
he has found his purpose in life
he has found his true self in life
he has made his life count
But reality is anybody can become or choose to become anybody at any time in life
His life energy has to align with his decision

Deep inside there is nobody
Deep inside there is only infinite possibilities
When you go deep and face infinity then you get confused
Your expectation of finding your true self say a poet, doctor, artist, writer, scientist, dancer etc etc is shattered beyond recognition
If you continue to search yourself then a point comes when all your past life conditioning, upbringing , experiences and associations create a fake you and you settle with that fake yourself

But even this settlement , identification is more than enough for one to pass through this uncertain ,
non directional and mysterious journey called life

To explain what I want to say in a diagrammatic form
Please refer below diagrammatic interpretation

You are that shining centre and have capability to choose any path in life  to shine
You are not made for any specific path
The path you choose becomes your path in life and you are at all time capable of walking that path
Sitting calmly at centre shining all the time is not a easy task when infinite possibilities and choices are haunting you every moment
Only A Buddha can sit calmly at the centre without getting perturbed with the infinite possibilities and temptations to prove yourself
Rest of us must choose anyone path with our soul behind it
Your true self is a Infinite Source of energy shining in centre waiting to transform at your command into anything at any given point in time


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