Sunday, 15 February 2015

Sun and Moon of your life are in your control....

In life when you gulp a piece of food in your mouth instantly within seconds you know whether you like it or not 

If we like it ...

Then we chew it , enjoy it , swallow it and want to repeat the experience till sensory system of our brain and walls of our stomach allow it if the supply is unlimited .

But if we don like the first piece of food then normally we spit or for respect of food gulp it for the first and last time and switch the next piece or stop.

Then never again choose the same piece of food again.

Its true with our life experiences also 
Within seconds or minutes into any experience you can identify its pleasantness or unpleasantness

On the other hand we don't react so clearly and distinctively to each experiences in our professional or personal life even if it gives pain or is unpleasant

We put conditions and continue to gulp the unpleasant experiences in hope of some SUNNY DAY to arrive 

There is no need to torture ourselves in this fashion 

Life is uncertain and you cant have control on every new experience

But you  can certainly take control of your happiness through clear and unconditional choices of experiences which give pleasure and happiness to you and stay away from unpleasant experiences.


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