Friday, 16 September 2016

Assumptions in listening.....

Assumptions are half truth or half baked dishes.
Impatience to listen or find out the complete truth forces us to assume
Facts are far away from assumptions in most of the cases
We assume Coz our mind thinks it knows the complete picture and it's very eager to conclude to a perception .
Mind always operates from the knowledge/known facts or known experience
It calculates and projects on basis of this knowledge and feels good at coming to a premature conclusions through some assumptions
Almost every time conclusions are distorted or tailor made to the sensibilities of mind or comforting the mind and may not necessarily be the facts
Miscommunication is the only outcome when such are the ways of mind
Assumptions based on prejudices are the major hindrance to Miscommunication and disharmony amongst individuals or group of individuals and lack of desired productivity.

Being aware helps in dealing with every circumstances .
Spiritual awareness is a state where you are involved in a experience and yet witnessing it simultaneously.
If we apply same technique /method during concluding any perception then possibility of avoiding assumptions is very real.

Asking few questions before making any conclusions might help..

1) Do I have enough evidence or facts to support my conclusions ?

2) Can I check or probe further about any gaps or disconnects with the communicator or people involved in the communication before making conclusions

3) Can i delay concluding ?

Practicing to delay spontaneous conclusions also might help to see the complete picture

Avoiding assumptions may avoid Miscommunication and may prevent loss of any deal , businesss Opportunity , customer  relationship or in personal life might help maintain relationship or strengthen them with friends and loved ones.

Eg of Assumption in communication

Today I had some work in south mumbai and I stay in suburbs so thought would travel by train

I had to go to Borivili station from kandivili thakur complex and so had to get a Auto.

I got a Auto  and told him want to go to BORIVILI  and he agreed and started confidently taking me on to highway as if he knew where in borivili I wanted to go without even asking me.

I wondered what POWER is he using to read my mind  but thought let me check what happens. Autorockshaw wala took me to borivili station .

I was surprised and asked him how did he knew that I had to go to borivili station and no where else in borivili .he said he drops many people daily from Thakur complex to station .

Ideally I should have communicated with specific location and even the auto rickshaw Driver should have seemed clarity on destination.

But he made an ASSUMPTION  and it miraculously matched with fact.

We also make assumptions daily in our communications

But all assumptions do not match with facts most of the time.


Firoze Vakil said...

Good connect between Assumption in communication

Firoze Vakil said...

Good connect between Assumption in communication