Friday, 30 September 2016

Boundaries of learning...

Being limitless is not an aspiration but it is our true nature but still it doesn't come easy for us
Consciously or unconsciously boundaries are created for everything in life
Physical boundaries are called as Borders ,territories ,societies and homes.
Mental boundaries are our individual beliefs , philosophies , truths , knowledge, skills ,capabilities ,concepts ,experiences ,dreams ,aspirations etc
Life is infinite and  each moment is complete in its self but we are evolving each moment hence each moment we have a evolved state of everything.
Lets consider a state of knowledge, skills and capability which is at a certain level for  each moment or for a given point in time.
We have mental boundaries of our knowledge , skills and capability .
From the childhood most of us start building this boundary of knowledge , skills and capability brick by brick painstakingly .
Only to realise post academic life that the boundaries we created are futile and life only lies beyond the boundaries
So we start breaking and re building it again brick by brick by learning skills to professionally excel in a job, profession , business and more importantly in social and personal life.
But when we reach a state when we have erected a solid boundary of knowledge , skills and capability again life seems to move beyond that boundary.
Most of us accept that we are not WORTH to aspire  for life beyond the boundary of our present  knowledge skills and capability  and SURRENDER to live rest of their life just within our  boundaries and do not gather the courage to break and go beyond it .
Some of us believe strongly and fight with the world that there is no life beyond the boundaries created by us and anything and everything beyond their boundaries is futile and temporary.
And there are a very few individuals who do not believe in a solid boundary of bricks and cement.
Once they realise after their academics or first professional jolt that life keeps moving beyond their boundaries they stop building a solid boundary of knowledge, skills and capabilities .
They break the solid boundary of their knowledge , skills and capability of brick and cement.
They build elastic boundaries which are expandable easily flexible and ready to stretch any moment .
They understand and believe that at each moment they would need new knowledge , skills and capability to live a satisfying life of growth and prosperity.
Hence they keep their mental boundary always ready to learn, grasp and if needed expand or just be their depending upon circumstances.
They create a momentary, flexible and elastic boundary which is always ready to expand .
These SOULS WITH ELASTIC boundaries of learning adapt to each new moment and its requirement and hence are very close to LIFE and its ecstasies.