Monday, 7 November 2016

Dreams are realities in Non physical form

Dreams are non physical realities like a fetus in womb
The fetus is alive real but growing inside the womb and waiting for it be out
Same is with our each conceptual idea and thought and dream
Each thought is a sperm when it meets the context  (ovum) and impregnates it then becomes a idea or concept which is a fetus
Then with regular nurturing and care it grows and it develops body parts to become a baby  (DREAM)  at the end of 6 to 7 months. Then for couple of months the dream is further nurtured , nourished and strengthened to become fully mature to come into the real world after 9 months in case of baby

Aborting the idea Intially does involve pain and it's lesser but after 3 to 4 months a lots of attachment had gone with the thought and concept and then Aborting it is risky but still with proper care it's possible
But after the fetus or the thought becomes a dream or a baby then Aborting is very risky it may be threat to the mother or incase of dream a threat to psychological Well being of the dreamer

The moment thought meets an context and a impregnation happens the seeds of physical realities are ready and reality is born

Unless we nurture and strengthen our non physical realities they wouldn't become physical realities.

Each seed has the potential to become a full grown Tree
A seed is a Tree itself
Dreams are realities in themselves
Its upto us to ensure they become realities or die as a seed.

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