Saturday, 14 January 2017

Conditional self and the unconditional self

Conditional self is the accumulated superficial  unique self created through conditions which are applied from childhood by the society including parents teachers neighbours friends and colleagues etc etc

This conditional self is accumulated over the unconditional universal self which we are from the birth.

Whenever we are able to pierce the layers of this conditional self and reach to the unconditional self something magical happens in our life

Momentary expressions from this unconditional self through any forms are always more impactfull and have the possibility to pierce the conditional self of others and reach to their unconditional self and create a communion at a certain level .

So essentially what are we talking is that when we choose to express anything through our unconditional self then there is a higher possibility of appealing to others in a impactfull way.

Eg:  when Sachin plays on the cricket ground even those who do not understand cricket game fall in love with his play

When Ms Lata mangeshkar sings it does not need knowledge of music to get swung and mesmerised by her voice

When Mr Amitabh bacchan speaks those who do not understand hindi langauge also get impressed and enchanted

When Mr Gulzar recites his prose and poems most of us  simply get bowled over without Litrary education and depth of knowldege

These are people who choose their unconditional self to express and it pierces the masses unconditionally

Choosing the medium of expression whether it's music , sports, films, literature books or any work is our choice .

This choice is determined by our conditional self and it's convenience and comfort

The good news is that Conditional self can be re conditioned anytime in our life irrespective of age and circumstances

The communication from one person to another and influence of our communication on masses is determined by our choice of expression and medium of expression

Unconditional self is same and universal inside all beings

All the variety lies in conditional self

Complying to other conditional self and its sensibilities is the challenge we grapple while communicating throughout our life

But whenever a unconditional self communicates it pierces into the unconditional self of others through the conditional self and instantly influences and connects.

Piercing deep into one's own unconditional self is the only thing which one needs to do through constant seeking in order to  communicate effectively...

Any activity where your engagement dissolves your  conditional self effortlessly is the medium for expressing your unconditional self

Eg if you are playing a guitar and while playing you simply forget yourself and you loose track of time and space then there is a highest possibility that your unconditional self is freely available to express it self through this activity of playing guitar. In such scenario only magic will come out of your guitar and connect to all living beings around even if they do not know anything about music and guitar.

The expression coming out of unconditional self is like a guided missile it always reaches its target ( another unconditional self) without fail .

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