Tuesday, 11 July 2017

Philosophies of life

Everybody has a right to live life as per their philosophy.

That philosophy  may be indigenous original , borrowed, copied , inspired, weird,  aimless, unusual, depressive etc to others .

So long that philosophy does not impose itself on others it is harmless in all sense .
But if it's an imposing one on others life then whatever it's nature it only harm others by invading their individual space.
It's a trespass into others philosophies forcefully.

The support less, uncertain journey of life in absolute darkness or eye blurring brightness cannot be imagined by our survival and security freak brains.
Philosophies are support systems of life

Philosophies are funny , they seem to give a whole picture with a just fragment of picture .

Rationalists claim that philosophers are dreamers and living in illusions.

All success and achievements have a certain philosophy at their Base to support them.

In reality without any philosophy we can't live a moment . Every moment requires a philosophy to support it but no moment is same hence we require philosophy for every moment .it's impossible to have philosophies for each moment .

Hence it  appears that all philosophies are finite and cannot completely support and explain the infinte phenomenon called life........

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Go getter said...

Truly agree. Very well crafted Avinash Sir.