Monday, 17 July 2017

Thoughts or thoughtlessness....

Our senses help us to interpret the universe around us and relate to it.
The so called limited and incomplete  interpretation of the universe are thoughts.
The thoughts are non physical and hence are not confined by the physical body and  exist beyond body as well.
So all thoughts which are our  interpretation and a very small portion of the reality accumulate in the universe as our body is accumulated over the life time we live and grow.
Those thoughts whom we give more attention and patronisation they find a owner in us and stay with us and transform from non physical to physical (which we call as manifestation)
Those thoughts which do not find any support or attention from us simply find another owner .
But the interpretations  does not stop until our physical existence so there is unlimited production and existence of these non physical thoughts.
Each has the capacity and potential to exist as non physical as well as physical..hence they say as we  think so we become ...
Our thoughts can affect others and others thoughts can affect us provided we associate or create a conducive thought pattern enough to attract them into our consciousness and then in our physical experience.
Without thoughts there is no pain and pleasure because the senses are out of work.
But without thoughts and interpretation using our senses no point of our physical existence .
So managing them is the only solution
We may attempt controlling their production in our consciousness and then simultaneously not allowing influence of the collective thoughts in universe on us by being aware of our state .
Meditation is one way of controlling the production of thoughts and control over our senses through constant awareness of the experience may help.
It's a complicated Web of empowering our life through thoughts and at the same time managing periodic thoughtless  states and not over burdening of our being with thoughts.
Without thoughts we can't live and with thoughts our friends pain and pleasure come dancing into our life .
This Duality is the most challenging and fascinating  aspect of being alive...
Enjoy and celebrate it......


Vijesh Viswanath said...

Great insight pertaining to thoughts... Wah

2611 said...

Thanks vijesh
Always value your views and comments
You inspired me to write it

Dhanesh Jukar said...

Lovely. The thoughts expressed are near to ancient Vedic texts - so true

2611 said...

Thank you Dhanesh.