Tuesday, 22 August 2017


If you are walking because somebody is watching then you will surely stop because nobody will watch you continuously...

If you are doing something because somebody is appreciating it then you are going to stop doing that thing because nobody will appreciate always ...

If you are depending on others to fuel your vehicle to run it to your destination then surely your vehicle will be out of fuel sometime because nobody will fuel your vehicle always....

Be self reliant

Be aware that major part of your journey will be conducted by you alone and you might get company on the path because your path is crossed with others or others took time to accompany you for a while , cheer you or console you but thats it...

 Then they will be gone ...

Independence is the only hope and support in life's  journey though interdependence sounds good and fashionable but not long lasting all the time .

We are social beings but we are also divinely selfish beings ....

Our social need is also selfish
and a facade to run away from

1) ourselves ,
2) loneliness ,
3) our uniqueness
4) fear for our survival

Independence from above things will make our life worthwhile,  peaceful , satisfying and harmonious.

Whatever is external will ensure it's identity sooner or later by exiting ...

We can't keep food , oxygen , water inside our body after sometime and have to be exchanged

So these basic and most important things for survival can't be kept inside because they are external

But we  don't excrete out intestines  ,
We don't exhale our  lungs outside by mistake
Nor do we throw our teeth or tongue  out of our mouth while speaking or coughing .

Similarly , psychologically whatever we have acquired from outside would sooner or later be out of our pshyche.

Whatever you have experienced from within psychologically or invented or thought ingeniously will find space inside you.

External motivation will go away once the trigger is gone and then you will be available to yourself again as it is.

 Do things because you  really want them to be done from inside you and not some external trigger

External trigger may stimulate the internal churning but then you have to take it ahead internally to have it inside you or in your life for long time.

Some silence and introspection will help to start the internal and self reliant painless and harmonious journey of life.

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Go getter said...

Amazingly define Sir.