Wednesday, 27 September 2017

Who are we fooling always ???

The only thing one must do in life is to be honest and committed to one's own self .

Being faithful to your thoughts ,emotions and desires , actions is the only expectation from us which would fill our life with happiness, empowerment and harmony.

Remember others are only an extensions/ reflections of yourself and nothing more .

If most of the times we say something and we don't respect our words then imagine the nature of our communication with our inner self and energy we would be creating inside us and around us with this disrespect ...

We would never ever be able to respect any other person's words and comments.

If we can't trust our own intelligence then it would be challenging to expect any trust from us for any external intelligence.

So basically we wouldn't be able to  give anything to the external environment or people that  we haven't experienced or do not have it inside us or discovered  inside us .

Just take a pen and a paper and jot down list of things which you said or committed to yourself and others visa -viz you fulfilled.

If you found no instances or few instances that you have said and not fulfilled then you must be already in a very successful and peaceful  state of being 

But if you found that majority of times you didn't fulfill then you have fooled yourself and only yourself even if you thought you fooled others by not doing what you said or committed to them and reasons for fulfilling the same don't matter beyond a point.

Now in life there are only consequences of action and inaction as well

The consequences of this casual unfaithfulness towards one's own self  would create a situation where gradually you would stop taking yourself seriously and definitely others would follow you and start  taking you lightly ...

The number of things you would be able to accomplish successfully will start diminishing 

It would start diluting your being to the extent that you would be feeling your existence is worthless.

This is the major source of pain and suffering as well in one's life if we look at it carefully.

It is self disrespect and self hate that damages us or brings more pain than any other person or any event in our life.

One can develop a attitude of respecting oneself and honoring one's words by daily committing small things and doing it without fail what soever may be the situation.

Eg if we say to oneself that today i am going to read 10 pages of a book or walk for 15 minutes
And then do it without fail and acknowledge it and repeat it with other things daily .

Gradually you will get into a attitude of honoring yourself and cant stay away from doing what you said or committed to your own self .

And then the attitude will grow so much that it would overflow and find an expression outside you And you would start honoring what you said to others so much so that you would stop saying or committing  things casually because now you have an unwavering commitment to do it and you do not have any choice of disrespecting yourself.

And when this  attitude starts overflowing continuously then the energy inside you and around you starts shaping itself into happiness , success and harmony.

So one must stop fooling oneself and start respecting and loving oneself and see the reflections around you and all over your life.  



Ajay Chander R said...

you said a good information that is acceptable to everyone !

Ashwini Panicker said...

A truth explained beautifully.