Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Listening with your heart...

 Listening with your mind and listening with your heart is different
When you listen with your mind then you don't listen you only hear
Your mind is a hindrance to complete listening
It filters the content to its convenience and favourability.

On an average we listen to about 20000 to 25000 words a day
Our capacity to listen is 350 words to 400 words per minute
On an average a person speaks 150 to 200 words per minute 
The capacity to listen is double the speed at which words are  spoken and still we listen so selectively and inefficiently.
Because when one listens with the mind and it only allows attention on those points which favour your prejudices
Mind will filter rest all points in the conversation and the communication will be skewed to your idea or beliefs rather than the whole point made by the speaker or the perspective of speaker.
Mind is a hindrance when listening and must be put to rest for doing the intellect tasks
If one concentrates then one can listen to the speakers soul and then there is absolute no area for error in understanding the point made by speaker .
Even if the speaker has poor speaking skills your total listening will automatically transform the speaker and he will speak his heart out more profoundly .
Listening with heart is surrendering  your innocent self to the speaker
The heart does not use logic or analysis it just does its work without any disturbance and accurately if the brain does not interferes
Listening with heart does not require smart skills it rather requires to drop all your smartness .
Listening with heart encourages the other person to communicate with absolute crystal clearly.
It has a divine power to create a communion between speaker and listener
Listening with heart makes the listner dissappear and become one with the speaker
When this happens it's like one is communicating to thyself and no space for misunderstanding what so ever.
Its a meditative state which requires tremendous practice and complete surrender
But the benefits are worth
It improves one's sensitivity,increases awareness, meaning arises in each conversation and productivity is the outcome of such flawless communication
So let's give some rest to our mind and listen...


Yeshwant Joshi said...

Such listening possibly happens commonly in spiritual conversations or with 'Gurus' in fields like music and arts. The abilities of teachers is also a key factor other than learners listening skill
Could you please throw some light on how to achieve this ability

Unknown said...

Hi there,

I really enjoyed your short, yet meaningful post, thank you.

You are right, the quality of our attention, our listening, our being, creates the safe space for the speaker to truly relax, open up, engage, connect with us, that a heart to heart flow is achieved.

In these situations, it is better to be videoed or recorded because it is much harder to remember what was actually said. In saying that, what gets actually said is the right response to what was said.


2611 said...

Thank you for reading and appreciating . I wanted to check with you how did you come across by blog

2611 said...

I understand it is difficult to achieve but practicing makes it possible.for example a simple excercise of listening a favourite song . You decide that you will listen to each music piece played in the song in background without wandering away. And you will find your mind will wander within seconds from the song to other things that's when you have to start listening it again from start.contimye this till you are able to listen the song with attention to each instruments the lyrics and understand and feel the meaning of them.daily practicing with such activities takes you closer to divine or spiritual listening as mentioned by you.i have been practicing to listen song or some times sitting in my bedroom writing down what are the noises going around in background and you will surprised to know the big list you come up with of different noises around.And it's fun as well

Colin Smith said...

As I recall it came from either a Linkedin group post or my regular Google search for items with Listening in the title.

Take care