Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Greek exit from eurozone is ???? But Greed must exit Mankind

Greek Debt crisis is world's top economic news nowadays

In future Greek would be less known for its rich history and civilization then its recent economic crisis.

Whether GREEK WOULD EXIT EURO ZONE OR NOT its unclear as of now ,

But one thing is clear that " GREED MUST EXIT MANKIND"

Greed is contagious and difficult to contain ,

Its effects are devastating and long lasting then the prevailing economic crisis.

The world has recovered from many economic crisis in the past , But has yet to come out of Greed crisis.

Since ancient times mankind has been suffering from Greed for Land, Food and Power.

A man requires so little food to survive , so much less land to stay and just look at the resources available for our consumption around us in the nature,

Even the population of 7 billion humans is far smaller than the resources available for our survival,

But Greed has possessed us and converted the abundance of resource around us into a scarcity

We cannot tolerate each others happiness , growth and prosperity.

According to  a recent stastics  the worlds half wealth is with only  2% of the population.

Look at the Greed , 2 % of population is simply not in any sense capable of consuming the enormous wealth and resources they have with them.

They might have worked hard, got lucky, used their brains , for accumulation of such enormous wealth , all fair ...

But under any circumstances accumulation of wealth and resources which is beyond one's capability to consume in one life is just unfair , unjust and a mere stupidity.

But all this stupidity and madness is possible due to Greed .

Hence I conclude that Greek exiting or not exiting from eurozone will not have a long lasting effect on existence of mankind,

But  Greed must exit mankind or else the human race will exit from the earth.

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