Saturday, 9 June 2012

Organisation without soul is a mass of corpses

Soul gives meaning to body , soul lives till eternity and soul only changes body to rejuvenate.

An organisation without sensitivity and compassion is as good as body without soul

Its like a group of people collectively loosing or sacrificing sensitivity and compassion.

And such a group inspire or force in some situations others to join them.

Imagine what would happen to people who would have to deal with such organisation ?

The vendors, suppliers, employees and most importantly the customers.

They all end up suffering in short term.

And in long term some of them end up absorbing the culture and becoming soul less like the organisation.

Life breeds life

Soul in a body is life

Would corpses breed anything ?  No never , they just decay and decompose.

An organisation without soul (sensitivity and compassion) starts decaying like a corpse

The decaying process starts the moment the soul leaves the body

The bigger the organisation the longer it decays before completely decomposing

Life starts when a soul enters into a body

Similarly a Organisation comes into existence through sensitivity and compassion may be worse to worse case the sensitivity and compassion is skewed towards self more and less to others or society at large.

A group of people through their sensitivity and compassion indentify a problem in society due to deficient or non existant product or services .

After understanding the problem the group finds a solution to the problem in the form of a new product or a service.

This product or service then adds value to the society and in return value to the group in terms of recognition and monetory

This is how sensitive and compassionate people join each other and an organisation comes into existence

Then the evil side of the human starts taking over and some of the members of the organisation sacrifice their soul  for reasons like ( competition, growth, desire to survive at any cost ) and soon the virus spreads all over the organisation.

The journey of a living organisation to a soul less corpses may be shorter for some organisation and longer for others due to size and some resistence shown by good people in the organsiation

But overall the sensitivity and compassion has remained on the paper and in some cases they are hidden behind professionalism , dynamism and aggressiveness.

Organisation take pride in calling themselves professional, dynamic and aggressive against being called as sensitive and compassionate.

Every human being has equal amount of sensitivity and compassion

We need to protect it , nurture it , share it with each other because its our sole source of existence.

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