Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Scarcity of Talent OR Scarce will and patience to identify and groom talent

World over there is a scarcity of skillful and talented Human resource

HR department of world organizations are in constant search of super talent and skills

In past so many years there is hardly any change in the composition of cerebrum in the newly born

There is hardly any evidence of deteriorating cerebral capacity in the new born babies

Then why there is hew and cry of deficient talent

The human brains were , are and will be most talented with unimaginable power to conceive , create and put their actions into their thoughts.

The real question is whether we have the patience, tolerance, empathy , compassion  and the will to understand talent and get it  aligned  to our objectives ( organizational objectives)

The dearth of talent was never there , never is and never will be .....

The diamonds ( Human talent)  are forever lying to be grabbed

But  identification of the diamonds and polishing the rough diamonds is a challenge with which the whole world organizations are grappling with.

We are living in the world which is getting used to READY MADE things

We don't want to invest and understand in knowing what goes in making something ready

This philosophy of ready made things have been applied to Human Resource as well

Hence the illusion of scarcity of talent all over

If you are talented then you will see talent everywhere

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