Saturday, 1 September 2012

Hibernating Human souls

We are hibernating souls , alive but in deep slumber waiting for some wake up call

We don't listen to ourselves, our inner voice  , then what the poor world can expect from us

We have turned insensitive to ourselves and turned deaf ears to our own soul

The U  in everyone of us has lost somewhere 

We require the world around us to motivate us ,

We wait for a motivating event in life

We wait for our boss , friend, and many people to come and motivate us to put our best

We require someone else to tell us that we are good at something then only  we can accept it

We always don't believe ourselves and our capabilities

We wait for a recognition, affirmation , confirmation from society

But what if society is not mature enough to understand you and your talent , your uniqueness and your thoughts

We surrender anything easily which society rejects or doesn't appreciate

Thank god that there are few people who believe in themselves and their capabilities more than the society and its recognition

These people are Wright brothers , Albert Einstein , Isaac Newton,Thomas Edison , Archimedes, and many who believed themselves and did'nt care even when society laughed at them

As a result of these people's self belief we have so many discoveries and inventions serving mankind

Why any motivating book or lecture or training has a limited effect on majority of us ?

Because we come out of hibernation for sometime , it feels good when you read a motivating book or attend a inspirational program but when we realize that the book is over or the inspirational  program is over and we are on our own,then we choose to go back in hibernation again.

Even RHINO skin can be penetrated but HUMAN SENSES have thickened beyond the RHINO skin

This is is not a negative remark on humanity

Its a rather TIGHT SLAP which everyone of us require from time to time to awaken from the deep slumber

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