Saturday, 29 December 2012

Ignorance is not bliss anymore ,its a curse - Recently proved in Delhi

Ignorance is not bliss anymore  its a curse - Proved by recent Delhi incident

If you ignore its considered as your agreement
If you ignore its considered as encouragment
if you ignore its considered you are not interesed but you dont mind either
If you ignore it is considered as an unwritten invitation to proceed further
If you ignore it is an invitation for unimagined acts or behaviour

Shame and sensitivity has vanished form society hence ignorance once considered as bliss is a curse now

If you ignore then you either end up being a victim or a witness to victimised
If you ignore then you end up being helpless and guilty and also unknowingly party to the event

The recent event in delhi is only a case of  years of ignorance and unknowingly acceptance and also encouragement to the cowardly act of mentally disturbed members of our society towards other member

We have given birth to these demons and encouraged them to grow over the years and reach to such great heights that they can not only dare to imagine but also dare to excecute their imagination without fear of scoiety, law and order and human rights violation

The society at large has been ignoring and unknowingly or knowingly encouraging these demons from last so many years

In country like ours  women dress and behave the most decent way in the world and accept society pressures and so called society laws sacrificiing their own individuality and desires and dreams

Women accept the superiority of men without questioning and accept them as their so called
"PATI PARMESHWAR " post marriage

Such a shame that some men pay their respect back to women with such cowardly acts
and rest of the men silently choose to be a witness or post event pose as a condemnor or moral supporter

Just by condemning or protesting these acts wont vanish

These demons may become dormant for sometime and then emerge again as the society goes into deep slumber

Society cannot be complete without WOMEN

If they feel threatened or unsafe or unrespected in society then the society is on the verge of collapse

The law and order situation is only a pretention and in spirit nobody is taking it seriously

The only way is to" STOP IGNORING "



This time it was that unfortunate 23 year old delhi girl , next time it could be your family member also

Even a thought of above statement is so scary , imagine the plight of family of that girl

May her soul rest in peace and May our soul awaken from the deep slumber of ignorance

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manisha said...

very true and an important lesson for everyone to know. very nicely written