Saturday, 1 December 2012

MBA degree is like Paraglyder

MBA degree is a prestigious qualification for an individual as well as the professional society

It is a lot of hardwork to get to the completion of the curriculum and reach the convocation successfully to get the reward as degree

Also the degree helps to take your career higher .

MBA degree is similar to a Paraglyder ...........

A paraglyder training is provided on the top of a mountain cliff

Firstly you reach to the top of mountain with all the hardwork , then you get trained to fly high in the sky using the paraglyder

Then finaly when you are ready you dare to jump from the mountain cliff with the paraglyder to rise higher in the sky and enjoy the experience

Same is with the MBA degree

Many of us take pains to reach top of the mountain by studying hard , committing to the course of MBA , investing money in to the course.

Many of us get trained for the use of paraglyder in the sky ( MBA degree in the market)

Then when we are given the paraglyder ( MBA degree) and asked to jump from the cliff ( enter into the market and encash the benefit and fly high in our professional lives)

Some dare to use the paraglyder and jump of the cliff to see whether they can fly

Some  find success and fly high and enjoy the experience

Some of them think that getting paraglyder is the only thing which is most important,
Without proper attention to training and use of paraglyder they think that paraglyder will help them to fly high

They jump with the paraglyder and fall on the face in the woods or trees and blame that the paraglyder is of no use , it does not help or the company( MBA institute) which had made this paraglyder is not good.

Some of them don't even dare to jump from the cliff and take their paraglyder climb down and keep the paraglyder as a trophy at home and forget they had ever got the training to fly using paraglyder

The Paraglyder ( Degree)  is a means to fly in the sky ( professional world)

If you do not learn it to fly it won't help

Even after training yourself thoroughly if you do not test it or have confidence to jump of the cliff it wont help

Also for those who jump with the paraglyder in the sky its not easy , adjusting to the 3 dimensional sky and  wind currents  is a challenge in it self ( same like in professional market ever changing new challenges  and environments)

So ultimately if you have done the hard work of climbing the mountain , then get trained properly and then dare to jump of the cliff and constantly adjust to the wind currents and dont think that paraglyder will take care of you, its just a means to fly higher

Paraglyder ( Degree ) will only be a mean to fly in the sky

It is upto you how you use it and go higher

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