Sunday, 25 January 2015

Wars, Accident and Diseases would not have been major reason for human death if .....

The Biggest Blessing by God to mankind is that we can choose and be selective about converting our thoughts into speech .

In other way God has put a silencer on our thoughts or given us divine power to talk after choosing a thought.

Other wise the world would have been a very very noise place to reside with the buzzing and restless minds.

Such is the density of thoughts that in every human mind that without the silencer ther would have been casualties and fatalities by noise of thoughts alone  and wars , disease and accident would have not been the major threat to human life .

Lets thank god for this peace from noise of millions of thoughts erupting in each human minds.

These thoughts do make human life restless and stressful and suck peace out of their life.

Though these wars , accidents and rise of diseases are results of these millions and billions of unnecessary overburdened thoughts arising out of human minds only ....

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