Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Whispers of life

Life always whispers to us but we are unable to listen to the whispers due to noise of our thoughts.
Life whispers to us through experiences , exposures to uncertain events , pleasant moments , nature and everything inside and outside us.
They are the revelations which one must not miss
They prepare us for the uncertain and infinite journey of life through the finite and mortal medium called body.
Very Soon my first Book WHISPERS OF LIFE will be available.
In this Book , I would share some of the whispers which life has whispered into my being and transformed me and my life journey and I am expressing them to you for your understanding and reference through this book.
Most of us require a support, a assurance to deal with our anxieties about our uncertain journeys and understand the mysterious ways of life.
I hope these whispers will serve as a pointer, reference and motivation to you to allow your life to whisper into your being and transform you and your life journey.

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