Wednesday, 12 July 2017


Today's learners face a unique challenge
They are looking for a best tutor or teacher or trainer but they themselves are not willing to become best student or learners.
The attitude of judging the teacher or trainer interferes so much while learning or hiring one that learning gets lowest priority and they end up not getting any value from the whole engagement .

The fact remains the teacher is as good as the student .

There was a time when sishya  (learner ) used to wait for the Guru to make him his student ...

We all know the story of Eklavya that he wasn't even allowed by Dron acharya to be his student and he learnt unofficially and when guru demanded guru dakshina he happily gave away his thumb fully knowing that the guru asked everything he had from him as a archer...

But in today's generation the guru waits for the learners  to hire him or approve him as his teacher or trainer .

Negotiations for guru dakshina are as essential for learners as oxygen for living .

Such is the situation that the moment learner declares he wants to learn many gurus line up to present themselves as the best and deserving for the job.

Soon those days are not far when
Guru purnima will be a thing of past and Shishyapurnima will be celebrated and gurus will be lining up with gifts and sweets to impress students ..

The prevalent trend might dilute the already diluted education system.

Just like we can't get any nutrients and protein from the milk which is over diluted with water similarly with the dilution of education system the students who will pass out will be hollow and will lack substance.

The whole society is at risk of getting polluted first and then diluted later

The existing gurus and guardians must hold their nerve and not let loose these new developing learner psyche and emerge as torch bearers and not succumb to the livelihood earning task.

There are many other jobs where you can earn livelihood.

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Go getter said...

Agree. These stories and narration has a very deep meaning.