Wednesday, 19 July 2017

The Universe is a Service provider...

The universe only seeks from us clarity, intensity and consistency.
If we are clear in asking or desiring
If we intensely associate with our desire
If we are consistent
Then we would always receive.
The universe is not a person that it wouldn't respond to your desires.
It is ever ready , to offer you whatever you seek .
It is impartial and neutral .
It does not distinguish what's right or wrong ,  good or bad etc
The department of evaluation and interpretation belongs to our mind and ultimately us.
The Universe is ever ready to serve us.
We must be ready for receiving the services by making right choices
It is capable to give us but we may require capability building to receive and handle it.
The will power to make choices to ask with clarity , intensity and consistency is the supreme power we got as human beings which shape our destiny.
So our destiny is indirectly in our choices which we make using our will power .
Destiny is fixed and unchanged for each of our choices. But we have the power to choose our destiny through them.
The universe is a friend who sincerely guides and supports our every endeavour of shaping our destiny without interfering .
If we cannot get clarity intensity and consistency for anything in life then we are wasting our WILL POWER.
And the universe will only respond to our confusion  by offering more confusion.
Determination is the key to all that happens in our life.
Our thoughts emotions and actions are all small bogies which need to align if the whole vehicle of our life has to move in some direction.
Our senses are biggest distractions at the same time important source of understanding and interpreting the universe.
So while we get ourselves entangled in our thoughts through senses and then emotions through feelings and keep rotating and revolving in our life the universe patiently waits for instructions from us to serve and support us in our journey.
It has nothing to do us with quality of our journey or length of our journey .
It's only a SERVICE PROVIDER ...


Dhanesh Jukar said...

True. Problem is that we are confused most of the time or not consistent in asking what we want from the service provider 👌

2611 said...

Thank you Dhanesh