Monday, 28 August 2017

Books O Books...

My journey from a person who struggled to read a single page of a book to  becoming a voracious reader and then turning to writing and becoming a Author was awesome
Living beings around me were of less help then those who poured their soul into their books as authors and Transformed me
Lifted me
Carcassed me
Encouraged me
Stirred me
Served as a support in the journey of life
Played a major role in my transformation
Books and through them the authors who shaped my thoughts and characters are real heroes of my life
And really books are , non interfering , non  intimidating,  not dominating , not prejudiced but are innocent , neutral,
non reactive , being themselves and just offer their services to us to transform our perceptions without any compulsions .
They don't care who you are and just offer themselves to us selflessly  for understanding, evaluating  and accepting them.
Living beings could take these qualities from these non living beings (books)  who infuse life in so called living beings .
In life it's one's duty to share the treasure one has  found and leveraged to bring happiness blessings and harmony in one's own life, so that others can also have access to happiness blessings and harmony in their life through that treasure .
I am doing my duty to share the treasure I found with you all.
I urge the reader to turn to books and explore them deeply to find what you are seeking and longing in life.
Even if you haven't read more than few pages in your life it's possible to gulp many books .
I am suggesting you an idea for the same.
Just find out in what state of mind and emotions you are now
how your life is shaping as per your expectations
I am sure you would want more from life at this time
So note down the state of mind and feelings in a piece of paper
And explore availability of books with themes similar to your state of mind and emotions and then select the book and start reading to explore more your own feelings and state of mind
Then see the magic you would not realise when you are half a way through the book
Once you savour the content of book and implement in your life and benefit and see the transformation then you have tasted the treasure and will be unstoppable .
Go for it and shine in your life
You are worth the shine
You deserve the shine
Your destiny is to shine brightly like the sun.....
Happy reading ....


Jogesh Jain said...

This in inspiring.

I am able to relate to how did I personally started reading.

I am in love with what you suggested like books are non judgemental they accept us as we are. A quality each human can pick up.

Great read to start the day with.

- JJ

2611 said...

Thank you jogesh...