Tuesday, 17 October 2017

Casual communications ...

Whenever we communicate with others , the words and emotions we choose to express ourselves need to be specific to the possible world view of the other person or a group in context to the subject of conversation.

Because in every conversation 2 worlds collide ( Individual worlds with their unique ideas and perceptions about everything and the specific thing in conversation )

Every language has words which are interpreted freely by every individual depending upon an individual's  association or experience with that word keeping the interpretation in a range of dictionary meaning and context possessed by that word.

Eg Fear  is a word which has many associative meanings based on the experiences of an individual within its dictionary meaning and context.
For some speaking in a group is FEAR 
For some speaking in front of a group is FEAR
For some talking to strangers is FEAR 
For some speaking with strangers , or speaking in a group or in front of a group is FUN but heights is FEAR  etc etc 

When such words are used we trigger their possible associations in the other person's mind  and if the context in which the word fear is used  is very very different from their associations then there is a possibility of mis -communicating  the context of the communication or distracting the whole conversation.


Whats the choice left with us while communicating and choosing our words ???

We cant possibly predict what associations or interpretations our choice of words may trigger but we can certainly be careful in our choice as to limit the possibility of distracting the other person or the audience and being aware while communicating.

Most communications fall under casual communications in the sense that they are not made in total awareness and with absolute control on the choosing the words in the conversation.

The outcome is left to the other person and also the blame of misunderstanding rest on them.

With so many casual communications in this world harmony and peace would be an aspiration in any era of mankind.

Yes, crystal clear communication is extremely difficult or rather impossible  between human beings unlike the animals where things are very straight and simple with no liberty to interpret messages in an unique individualistic way.

Hence animals are in absolute peace and harmony with each other and with the cosmos. 

Our need for survival and  manipulative adaptions take us through such chaos of casual communications.